Standard Bank - Trade : Winner : Boxer Superstores
Standard Bank - Trade : Winner : Boxer Superstores

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Standard Bank - Trade : Winner : Boxer Superstores


Boxer is an all 'under one roof' discount supermarket that is this year celebrating its 40 years anniversary. Today this business provides employment for over 13 5000 staff members and boasts over 240 stores - including the formats: Boxer Superstores, Boxer Build, Boxer Punch & Boxer Liquors. In addition Boxer has a meat processing factory and provincial Distribution Centre in KwaZulu-Natal. The company's mission is to ensure that when it comes to serving our millions of shoppers that they will "Never pay more than the Boxer price." Through Boxer's  low prices, value for money campaigns and continued expansion, the business has contributed to KZN's economy through income, production and spending.



Hirsch's has built a solid reputation by being associated with big brands, giving good service and carrying a wide range of products for the home, as well as supporting its employees and the communities the stores operate in.


Sparkport is a household name and a recognised innovator in the healthcare sector with a vision for complete affordable and accessible health care as well as the widest possible range of goods at competitive prices.

Boxer's Managing Director Mr Eugene Stoop together with Customer & Corporate Liaison
Manager Oxley Sidali, accepted the award

Standard Bank - Trade : Winner : Boxer Superstores

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