Jade le Roux - New offices for PMCB
Jade le Roux - New offices for PMCB

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Jade le Roux - New offices for PMCB


It's an exciting new chapter for Pietermaritzburg and Midlands Chamber of Business (PMCB). They have moved from their current offices at the Royal Agricultural Society (RAS) showgrounds.

MCB CEO, Melanie Veness, said the timing was convenient since most of the RAS buildings are now being used as a temporary quarantine field hospital during the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic was not the reason behind the move.

"It's been something we considered for a while, but I guess we've been slow to act up until now. Sometimes you plan to do something, but then you just get comfortable. The timing has been convenient," she explained.

Liberty Midlands Mall has offered the PMCB office space that will be a more affordable option than where they currently are. They have signed a year's contract for now, and will wait to see how things pan out in light of the pandemic.

"PMCB is excited about this change. We are looking forward to being in a more modern environment," Veness said. 

Source, www.capitalnewspapers.co.za (edited)
W: www.pmcb.org.za

Jade le Roux - New offices for PMCB

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