Cheryl Govender - The courage to realise a dream — to be that business or organisation


Cheryl Govender is the founder and owner of The Cake House in Pietermaritzburg. She is a qualified chef and professional cake artist. The Cake House has become a leading provider of designer cakes including engineered life-size cakes. Cheryl’s exceptional cakes, each a masterpiece, have been featured in magazines and on television, and The Cake House is recognised as a leader in new age sugarcraft.

Cheryl believes she got to where she is now and reached her goals by being clear about what she needed to achieve and why she needed to achieve them.
She added, “The industry requires more than just talent to get you somewhere. You also need business skills, people skills, integrity, and you have to be a go-getter.

Being recognised as a Top KZN Business Woman at this prestigious event is something I never expected or dreamed of. I am honoured and completely blown away! Thank you to Standard Bank and KZN Top Business Women for believing in me and honouring me with this recognition. Thank you to my husband Alan Gillig and my children for standing by me. Thank you to my staff for just being totally awesome!”