Beverley Mackay
Beverley Mackay

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Beverley Mackay the property finance specialist


Beverley Mackay is a property finance specialist whose entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish The Bond House in 2017.

"One of the achievements that I have been the proudest of in my career has being courageous enough to go it alone. This confidence enabled me to leave a comfortable salaried position and establish my own company," explained Beverley.

"My extensive expertise in the banking sector, ongoing training, as well as the personal relationships I have established with key individuals are the basis on which I have built my business," she explains.

Beverley also attributes her success to many of her seniors during her banking career who mentored her career's progress. "They had incredibly good values, were seriously loyal, but certainly approachable, I guess I was just fortunate." She adds that much of her motivation has come from the sheer need to succeed on her own.

Beverley Mackay the property finance specialist

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