Akhona Mahlati, CEO BusinessFit; Karen Esbend, Managing Director Sbenz Construction and Services; Sherwyn Esbend, CEO Sbenz Construction and Services; and Grant Adlam, KZN Top Business

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BusinessFit is a formally constituted majority Black Owned business comprising a team of experienced business owners who have grouped together to pool their respective skills and knowledge, with the common objective of helping support the growth and development of small and medium businesses. BusinessFit has done this because, the business, like many economists and business commentators, know that South Africa’s economic future depends upon a more vibrant and growing, small and medium business sector.
An important principle for BusinessFit is to help an entrepreneur understand that his/her business idea is not in itself a business. What is critical is supporting their “Business idea” with a sound business foundation, from which their business can become a sustainable and growing quality producer of products or services to its customers. The business should have the capacity to create employment and staff development growth opportunities, while providing an acceptable return to the shareholders. BusinessFit’s passion is to grow entrepreneurs and their businesses, and to encourage a culture of continuous improvement in the delivery of core competencies, client relationships and therefore, the provision of job opportunities. The company’s contribution, as such, is to bring emerging businesses into a circle of expertise, assess their current systems, structures, and goals, and set in motion necessary leadership and best practice support procedures to encourage the businesses’ development and growth.
Sherwyn Esbend
Sherwyn Esbend established Sbenz Construction and Services with the goal to being a sustainable construction company and a significant contributor to the KZN economy. Esbend’s goal is to become empowered so that his company can empower. Apart from Sbenz Construction and Services utilising local and small business suppliers and service providers, opportunities for new contractors have been created.
Reshma Maharaj
Reshma Maharaj, founder of Enspired Women Magazine has dedicated the last year to paving a gateway to success for informal traders, start-ups and SMESs through print media and broadcasting.
Pravashen Naidoo
Pravashen Naidoo opened E-Waste Africa in 2014. The fully compliant company offers an ecologically unique solution for the safe disposal and recycling of hazardous light bulb waste.


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