Acutts Brand DNA


The Acutts name is synonymous both with property in South Africa and with success that dates back more than 160 years. It is the surname of one of Durban’s most illustrious families, a family that has through the generations, contributed significantly to the development of the city and now the country. Started by Robert Acutt in 1851 as R Acutt & Sons, Land Auctioneers and Real Estate Agents, it is also one of South Africa’s top 10 real estate franchise groups, a major industry role player. Today, Acutts Estate Agents is a multi-faceted national entity. It comprises more than 70 franchises and outlets around South Africa and offers a full range of real estate services, from residential sales and letting, commercial and industrial to farms and vacant land, leisure, new developments, and investments. OUR LEADERS The respected property name Acutts is the proud inheritance of Pat Acutt, a fifth generation Acutt. Along with co-directors Brenda, his wife, and son Jonathan, the
sixth generation Acutt in Acutts, the team has ensured unprecedented growth for the company in recent years. This includes expanding outside of KwaZulu-Natal borders in 2003. Pat is as dedicated to the success of Acutts as his predecessors, who over the past 160 years were involved in transactions concerning almost every piece of real estate in Durban. His curriculum vitae also indicates his commitment to the property industry, as evidenced by his serving two terms of office as chairman of the Institute of Estate Agents, Durban and Natal Coast. In addition, he has also been a national councillor and vice-president of the Institute and national chairman of its Residential Specialist Division. His son, Jonathan, has now taken up the role as managing director of the Acutts group. Jonathan will continue to take the company into the future of real estate. With the advance of real estate related technology, Jonathan will continue to ensure that Acutts will always offer the best possible real estate services to its clients. Jonathan has also achieved much in the industry by also serving as past chairman of the Institute Durban and Coastal, as well as serving as a director on the national Institute board.
The name you know. The agents you can trust.
Jonathan says, “Being part of a property family has given me more knowledge about property transactions and property law than most people.” OUR PEOPLE Acutts currently employs over 250 people and prides itself in being an organisation of excellence. This excellence comes from all agents having a passion for the work they do, and a professional approach to real estate sales. “All members of the team are known for their ethics, personalised service and proud tradition of always aiming to be the agents you can trust.” One of the proponents of standardised professional training for agents, Acutts established the Acutts National Training Academy way ahead of its competitors. With the changes in legislation, the Acutts National Training Academy has proven its worth in keeping Acutts Agents in the forefront of their professional career development. All courses are designed to educate and enlighten even the most experienced agents, even if it is only to reinforce the knowledge they already possess. “I also motivate and train estate agents to become better sales people by setting goals and targets and in doing this teach them to focus on their core real estate duties so that they are able to maximise their selling potential in any real estate market,” says Jonathan. Over the years Acutts has been involved in countless charity organisations and events. It is this fact that has led to the creation of Acutts Cares. At Acutts, agents are encouraged to have a healthy balance between their careers and personal lives; however, they are still separate. Acutts Cares is where Acutts’ agents can be recognised for their efforts in raising funds and assisting their various charities around the country.
Acutts always offers the best possible real estate services to its clients. However, Acutts must be innovative and creative in order to continue attracting young buyers and sellers. “I have been involved in hundreds of real estate transactions over my career and I now use that experience to help buyers, sellers and agents to avoid the pitfalls of real estate transactions, and to make sure that their real estate transactions are secure so as to give the transaction the best chance of succeeding,” says Jonathan. OUR SUCCESSES Acutts achievements are plentiful. Innovation and the ability to adapt to change while staying ahead of competitors are key elements of Acutts’ longevity and sustainability.  Amongst the most recent is its launch of the Acutts Mortgage Division which internally handles the submission of home loans directly to the banks on behalf of their clients.
 The property sector is seeing an increasing influence from millennials and Acutts is using this trend to allow greater freedom in how they approach business opportunities and talent. Rather than resisting change, the company jumps at the chance to implement advancements such as the latest real estate related technology. “Innovation has always been part of our makeup – and it is one of the reasons for our sustained success over many years. Taking how quickly technology moves forward there are always new and exciting applications for estate agents to use to help them to generate more business,” says Jonathan.   “Estate agents need to focus part their attention and marketing budgets towards meeting and interreacting with people outside of their circle of influence.” “Acutts embraces change. We have not just survived but evolved and grown over the years.”