Belgotex - Brand DNA
Belgotex - Brand DNA

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Belgotex - Brand DNA



The history of Belgotex Floors dates to 1983, when founding chairman Stephan Colle established a progressive yarn manufacturing plant - Natal Nylon Industries - producing the latest hi-tech nylon yarn. In 1984, the operation extended into a vertically integrated carpet manufacturing plant called Belgotex Carpets. Belgotex Floors have since diversified into alternative flooring solutions which has provided opportunities for further growth and profitability. The company manufactures and supplies flooring solutions from its 100 000 square metre factory in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal. From humble beginnings as Natal Nylon Industries to a member of the multinational Belgotex International Group with seven companies across four continents, Belgotex Floors have developed into the leading soft flooring manufacturer in Africa. A culture of innovation and appetite for excellence and advancement have become the hallmark of thBelgotexe Belgotex brand today. The new brand DNA is about future proofing
the organisation with sustainability at its heart. This includes paying attention to environmental, social and economic sustainability in all aspects of the business as well as society. "Innovation is part of our DNA, we keep abreast with international trends and developments, constantly exploring new production processes and developing new product ranges to become a more creative organisation," says Edward Colle CEO Belgotex.


Edward was appointed CEO in August 2018. Despite being brought up in the flooring industry and being the third generation in this family-owned business, Colle has earned his stripes.  He has a clear passion for the industry which motivates him daily. Ensuring that Belgotex continues to evolve as a purpose-driven organisation that has a significant impact on the generations that follow is central to the way Belgotex does business. Under his vision for Belgotex a complete change in leadership has influenced the culture of the  business. Changes to the Board of Directors of Belgotex Floors
We strive to be a world-class African brand showcase through the  deep connection we share with our people, product and the planet.
(Pty) Ltd include the appointment of Frank Moffat as Chief Operations Officer, Jade Peter as Human Resources Director and Steve Truter as Chief Financial Officer. "Putting human resources on the Board was really a change. HR is about succession planning, career developing and recruiting the best employees that we can find, rather than filling a space," explained Edward. "We are committed to the future of Belgotex." "This has been the largest culture change at Belgotex, which translates to where we are going and the people that are required to execute this strategy," says Jade.


Leadership is really about people and in the context of the brand DNA of the organisation, putting the people first has made all the difference. "It is important for us to appreciate the responsibility that we have as business. The responsibility that we have to people is immense. Every day we get to speak to our 700 employees and to be part of their lives, which is an incredible opportunity. You really need to grow people for the sake of growing people, to make them the best possible humans," says Edward. "We have amazing people who work here, and the unusual case of extremely long serving employees. We have people who are in love with the Belgotex story. We have people who subscribe to the family ethos of the business. Our people enjoy the fact that we care and that is an amazing place from which to build," says Jade. "The game is on; if we want to retain the best employees then we have to raise our game, which is exciting," added Edward. OUR


Customers are very much relationship driven. "People buy from people and Belgotex has built relationships with
key partners and stakeholders, internally and externally. Customers represent us as a brand as they are the ones doing the installation for their clients. The business of the future is about making partnerships as there is always going to be someone making the same product as your own. Consequently, meeting our suppliers' expectations is critical to how they represent us as a brand," says Edward. Having a healthy distribution channel is key, which currently is evolving based on consumer buying preferences. In this day and age, people do not want to be boxed by age, culture, gender or race. This means that unpacking the consumer and understanding how they live provides incredible opportunities as well as challenges, as the status quo is no longer acceptable. OUR


Belgotex now designs, manufactures and delivers a wide range of carpeting, vinyl, artificial grass, underlays and rubber flooring to private homes and the corporate, commercial, healthcare, retail, educational, hospitality, sporting and landscaping sectors. "Belgotex makes world class flooring products. I have seen the business evolve over the years, from residential to commercial products. It's what is happening  in the industry, trends change and there are many flooring opportunities available," says Steve. Belgotex has exposure internationally and the export drive is part of where the business focuses its attention as a global market raises opportunities.


Belgotex is proud to be a local manufacturer with deep international roots and a progressive approach to providing greener flooring alternatives. The company seeks to continuously evolve and grow to remain a relevant player in the country's design community.
"The energy we are expending in intentional decision making will pay dividends in three years time; We are investing in the future. The products that we make, allow us to have a conversation with thousands of people on a daily basis. Hopefully we can be influential on society, which is an incredible privilege," concluded Edward.

Belgotex - Brand DNA

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