Blue Security



Blue Security is celebrating 30 years of service to the greater Durban community, with the company growing from a small local business into a trusted household name. Durban entrepreneur and former policeman, Peter Anderson founded Enforce Security in 1989. The company’s initial focus was on guarding commercial premises. However, a request for an alarm system to counter intruders was the start of a change in direction. From entry level alarm systems, the company then grew to include both electronic intruder detection and armed response services.

In 2003, the national guarding business was sold in order to focus on the development of the Durban based armed response operation. This led to the establishment of two separate entities namely Enforce Guarding and Enforce Electronics.

After 17 successful years in the industry, Enforce Electronics was rebranded as Blue Security in 2006.


Blue Security has a large management and executive team who support the current Group CEO, Henk van Bemmelen. Says Van Bemmelen, “The leadership team was handpicked, and it is all about leading from the front, it’s about driving this business.”

Brian Jackson, operations director says, “The core team really drives the ship for us, which make us strong. We have a very diverse and very dedicated leadership team who support the group CEO.”

In addition, the company has a clear vision of where it wants to go, which is to ensure that the communities that they serve are safe places.

“We want to make sure that Durban is a safe place. Everything that we do is to create a safer tomorrow for our kids and for the generations to come,” says Darren Lategan, Sales and Marketing Director. This vision is filtered by the Manco and Exco teams all staff members, which is a key success driver for company. “We are on the same page, we always get right,” says Van Bemmelen.

The management teams also constantly communicate with each other as well as ensure that all employees access to pertinent information.


“The core of Blue Security is that the company committed employees with integrity and who can trusted,” explains Lategan. Consequently, staff members are appointed according strict criteria. While skills can be taught, it is essential ensure that the people employed have the right attitude understand the culture of the company. New employees undergo a full day compulsory induction programme that they appreciate the nature of the security business that each person is committed to the brand, its future, will live its values.


“Customers choose Blue because it is a brand they can trust, and ours is one of the strongest,” says Lategan. They are aware that the company has been around for a long time and has a proven track record in making the customer feeling safe.

Blue Security is a brand synonymous with the use of technology to fight crime. Consequently, its service side is very strong. “As you deliver, so the brand gets stronger, we are in a space where Blue Security is a household brand,” added Van Bemmelen. “It is about having an edge on everyone else and to keep on delivering, to keep on challenging the system and doing something different. It’s about our neighbourhood.”

The Blue Zone model comprises tailored offerings around the geographical footprint of the area, type of crime affecting the area and the community requirements for the area. Services may be combined to include dedicated armed response vehicles servicing a pre-determined footprint, guarding, CCTV, license plate recognition technology and remote CCTV surveillance.

“Everything we do in the business environment, all goes to one point, which is the customer. How can we make the customer feel safe in South Africa? How do we make every person, in every home, and in every situation feel safe?” asks Jackson.

“Blue Security is not just about making money but is focused on giving back to the communities the company serves. Through the Blue Angels Charitable Trust, the company’s NGO, they are able to support victims of crime. In addition, Blue Security puts a lot of effort into neighbourhood watches, training its clients how to be safer,” says Lategan.


As criminal activities have changed so has Blue Security had to evolve over time, which has been key to company’s success. “By evolving we are giving our clients a better experience,” explains Lategan. “The company has continually questioned what it needs to change as a business and in the environment in which it operates to be the leader. We are not being left behind,” explains Jackson.

“One of the challenges is if you think that you are only doing armed response and monitoring, you are being behind. We go out and look for first world successes bring it to a third world country,” says Van Bemmelen.

New technology includes virtual estates and virtual patrols, monitoring premises and open zones to get ahead of criminal activity. Crucial to the company’s evolution has been in a focus a proactive rather than a reactive approach to security.


In the future Blue Security intends to continue to deploy technology throughout Durban to get ahead of criminals and will continue to employ technology internally to ensure customer service.

“What people should understand is Blue Security’s determination to be the best in South Africa. We don’t any surprises. We want to bring new technology, especially technology that is not in the country, to the market first,” concluded Jackson.

Van Bemmelen emphasised that Blue Security is defined by its commitment to its business model and to the safety of its customers.