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The beginnings of DRG Outsourcing were when David White, Raoul Di Marco and Graeme Minter Brown founded a professional employer organisation in 1996. Significant changes in the South African labour market had occurred in 1996, when the new Labour Relations Act and the new income tax system created changes to employment contracts. "We saw an opportunity in the market, and went to a lot of different companies and said to them, for all your unusual employment requirements, when you are employing staff, for fixed term and project based contracts, we have a direct solution for you," explained DRG CEO David White. We started with providing one payslip and in just over two years, we grew to providing 30 000 payslips. By 1998, the rapid growth of the business resulted in the company listing on the JSE Stock Exchange. However, following the dotcom crash; a downsizing and restructuring of the company occurred. As a consequence, DRG Outsourcing was born.


The company believes that its staff are all leaders. are part of a team and we each have specialised skills. We just feed into each other and on projects each person is able to fill in those gaps, according to clients' needs," says Nikita Pillay, DRG HR manager. Consequently, DRG Outsourcing has no hierarchy, which puts everyone on an even platform to focus what they are doing. "You get to work and feel that are y our o wn b oss" s ays M ahendra S ingh, financial manager. "When we all pull together and we get figure out what the client needs, it makes every work a lot simpler."


All of us at DRG feel that we belong and that we purpose. DRG Outsourcing had a vision that we today. Everyone at DRG was specifically chosen because they believe what the organisation believes - if we what we do we will never work another day in our lives DRG's commitment to strategy and to the relationships it has with different clients brings a lot of purpose into the way we feel about work," explains David. "The magic that we have with our staff is really what binds it all together. Each DRG employee has a specific focus area and through having an open plan office, we can listen to each other's conversations. We are so reliant on each other and to be reliant on each other you have to have absolute trust. And I think that's what's happened over the years, that trust has become synonymous with our brand."

Director Charles Henzi says, "DRG is infinite, in terms of what we can do for people because we don't follow a particular track. Our job is to resolve issues, to add value and to essentially help that business do better. When you come to the end of your value-added contribution you seamlessly pass on the client to the next person in the team to come and do their bit, we sell a holistic solution. Everything is connected."


DRG has a clear focus and strategy in that it provides professional and reliable human resource management services, which includes a focus on employer engagement to customers. This refers to helping companies to create productive work environments. "We can maximise the potential of people in the workplace," explains Charles. DRG is absolutely customer focused, works together and gets to know the client from a holistic view, this helps each member of the team to understand and to contribute to each client. "We have customers, not clients, and that is what defines the relationship." "Every customer, whether small, medium or large gets the same value service. Our customers keep coming back because of our honesty and integrity. We do what's right, not what is easy." We go the extra mile in helping customers have long term relationships. Consequently, DRG's customers have remained constant over the more than 23 years of operation within the human resource environment.


A significant moment of success was in 2010 when DRG won a KZN Top Business Award. "This helped us to realise that the DRG brand had been acknowledged and what we were doing was helping to contribute to the province and to all of the companies that were trying to ensure that their growth was sustainable." "Part of our strength is that we have such a diversity of customers that it has built up our database of experience, we almost intuitively know the answer to every challenge, as we have seen it all before and can manage every situation." Over the last three to four years, DRG has been working on offering South African international companies' relationships with different in-country partners in Africa. DRG has experience in working with national international companies from about 20 different countries and when those companies come to South Africa, they assisted in setting up the human resource infrastructure.


The workplace is about positive people interactions creating ongoing trust relationships. Technology its purpose, but will never replace critical discussions between people. But with advancements in technology, as we see occurring in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, technology certainly is enabling us to provide a more sophisticated and comprehensive service, and as we embrace the opportunities advanced technology bringing into the workplace.


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