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The award-winning BMW Supertech Group has developed into a formidable brand and has become a household name. The Group is the largest BMW Dealership group in KwaZulu-Natal and consists of six dealerships, Supertech Durban, Supertech Pinetown (including Motorrad), Supertech Pietermaritzburg, Supertech Shelly Beach Supertech Newcastle and Supertech East London in the Eastern Cape.


Headed by Shabir Tayob and his son Mohammed Ubaid Tayob, Supertech is an established family run, privately owned business. At the helm of the Group, is Shabir Tayob, the Chairman, who stepped in the BMW scene in 2007.

Shabir, who has always been passionate about BMW said that he got into the business of BMW due to an opportunity that was presented to him. "In 2007, I attended a BMW X5 launch at the Supertech dealership. While sharing a coke with the owner of the dealership at that time Mr Dada, I was asked if I wanted to buy a share." Shabir jokingly said "not". The next day he received a call from Mr Dada asking him if he was serious. Serious he was and he took his steps into the BMW world by being part of a company six people that purchased 49% of the share, equating 8.25% shareholding each. At the outset there was strong vision of growth and development and in 2012, Shabir bought 100 percent shareholding in Supertech. A later, he opened the new state-of-the-art, world class dealership in Edwin Swales, regarded as a benchmark for BMW dealerships in the country. In 2015, Supertech purchased the BMW dealership in Newcastle, making a group. Three years later, the Group had acquired vehicle dealerships, as well as a bike dealership In addition, the Group opened the doors of its brand Supertech Pinetown dealership in December 2018. new dealership is situated off the M13, between Pinetown and Kloof, bringing about the latest in technology, innovation and design.

Shabir said that the dealership, which was built within a year, was a culmination of hard work, determination and passion from the Supertech team and key stakeholders - it was a dream which has been turned into a reality.

Supertech Durban is the head office of the Group and has fully functional IT, media, marketing and human resource departments. Every dealership has various departments, catering to customer needs. These include new and approved used vehicle sales, finance and insurance, service, parts and accessories,  n approved panel shop (in Durban, Pietermaritzburg and Newcastle) and administration. The state-of-the-art service departments at all dealerships will provide a service booking within 48 hours and provides a 24-hour tow-in service for break-downs.


The Group now has a staff complement of over 600 people. "The employees are considered the Supertech Group's greatest assets in the ongoing commitment to superior customer service. The management firmly believes that the staff must be happy in order to make the customers happy.

The annual SSS (Supertech Strategic session) aims at aligning staff to the mission and vision of the Group, as well as allowing the opportunity for every staff member, from the washbay - through to managers and directors to sit together, interact and shape the future of Supertech together.


The Supertech Group is an industry leader when it comes to customer service, innovation and professionalism. Supertech dealerships are vastly different to other dealerships. Salesmen do not approach customers as they enter, they are instead greeted by warm hostesses and then the BMW Genius. These tech savvy geniuses provide prospective buyers a host of information and product knowledge, a nopressure explanation on the features of each BMW.

Customers relax in executive lounges, sip on gourmet coffees and customise their own BMW on a big screen. In keeping with Supertech's vision of constantly being innovative, the Group has created its own coffee brand. Ongoing communication is a key feature of customer relationship management. From the moment a customer contacts the dealership, to the delivery of the vehicle, through to after sales service the customer is kept informed of all processes and options available. This ensures that all customer needs are known and requirements met, as well as ensures that any challenges may be handled timeously.


The Supertech Group, once again has excelled as a leading BMW Group nationally, taking a total of six first place awards at the BMW SA national Dealer of the Year Awards, held in Johannesburg in April 2019. Supertech Group Managing Director Ubaid Tayob said the results were outstanding showing that the Supertech Group, with six dealerships across the country, was a leading BMW brand on a national level. "I am extremely proud of my phenomenal staff that have shown passion, dedication and loyalty to the BMW and Supertech brands, and look forward to more awards for 2019."


The Supertech Group ensures an ongoing commitment to providing a superior quality service and enhance its status as one of the leading motor dealer groups in the country. The Supertech Group is thrilled with the expansion that has taken place in the past few years and reassure their commitment and dedication to make each customer's experience is a memorable one.

The Supertech Group invites you to come and experience sheer joy at one of our six world-class dealerships.


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