Dr Fareed Amod - Does Straightening Crooked Teeth Matter
Dr Fareed Amod - Does Straightening Crooked Teeth Matter

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Dr Fareed Amod - Does Straightening Crooked Teeth Matter


A smile is one of the first things that others see about us and is one of the things that make that first impression of you in the minds of others. A happy expression can make you appear more approachable and friendly. A good smile can also have a positive effect on job interviews, meeting a new partner, making new friends and having a confident professional appearance.

However, a smile can also be a distraction as many people are very unhappy with their teeth. "As they feel self-conscious about their appearance, they are embarrassed to smile in social situations," says Dr Fareed Amod. "Besides lowering one's self-esteem, crooked teeth, crowded or bad bites can also cause complications and long-term health problems if left untreated."

Straightening cooked teeth and correcting a bad bite with orthodontic treatment can potentially correct speech impediments and breathing problems; improve chewing and eating; reduce tooth decay and gum infection; eliminate grinding and clenching of teeth, as well as eliminate jaw joint pain. Most of the time, an over or under development of the jaws and having crooked teeth or a large overbite is an inherited trait. However, the premature loss of baby teeth, and bad habits such as thumb sucking can cause crooked teeth (malalignment) or bad bites (malocclusions). In addition, mouth breathing, incorrect swallowing and one's tongue position can all affect the growth and development of the jaw and face.

Dr Amod says, "I am a general dentist who practices orthodontics. Through orthodontic treatment, dental defects can be corrected, and proper teeth function and aesthetics restored. Everyone wants straight, healthy teeth and it is all about their smile. I am trying to address the many reasons why people avoid treatment." There are several solutions for both children and adults who are affected by crooked teeth and bad bites. The variety of teeth straightening options available include orthodontic braces, dental trays, aligners, teeth veneers, crowns and teeth straightening surgery.

Dental braces are most commonly associated with teenagers, simply because this is when most people first notice their crooked teeth. Ideally, children should have their teeth screened by their dentists for orthodontic problems by the time they reach seven years, because growth-related problems can be identified then. If such problems are detected early (before the age of 12 years), orthodontic treatment can be provided to guide jaw and facial development and to make space for the teeth. Such early treatment is often less costly than the care required to treat more serious problems that can occur if left untreated.

However, adults can also benefit from the cosmetic and functional rehabilitation of orthodontic treatment. In fact, teeth alignment treatments can equally help a 12 year old or a patient over 60 to obtain a brighter smile. Orthodontic braces are the most popular choice for straightening teeth. They are extremely versatile,
able to move the teeth in a variety of directions at once and treat many teeth at the same time.

Crown Dental Studio uses FASTBRACES® which is an alternative technology to conventional orthodontic treatment plans to address many of the teeth problems encountered. FASTBRACES® technology uses a patented method to grow tooth-bearing (alveolar) bone in order to straighten teeth quickly without tooth extraction or sometimes even jaw surgery. The technology for Fastbraces®has been in use for over twenty years and in that time patients who use the treatment have found it to be incredibly safe and reliable.

A huge advantage of FASTBRACES® is that many patients can see a noticeable difference in their teeth within a matter of days and some could be out of the braces in about 120 days. The speed of the procedure depends on the problem being addressed and the patient's cooperation with the treatment process.

Furthermore, the speedy alignment of teeth using FASTBRACES® not only creates smiles but assists dental treatment by making certain procedures less difficult, such as cleaning crooked teeth, or installing crowns, veneers or implants.

A straight, healthy smile is achievable. Crown Dental Studio is one of the few truly 24-hour dental practises in Durban as this is not limited to emergency dentistry treatment. 

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Dr Fareed Amod - Does Straightening Crooked Teeth Matter

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