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The PDA Assessment (Personal Development Analysis), through a simple, precise and scientifically proven methodology, allows us to describe and analyse the behavioural profile of individuals and identify their main talents, abilities, motivations, strengths and areas of opportunity.

The PDA Assessment does not qualify behavioural profiles as “good or bad”; it describes the evaluated individual’s behavioural characteristics. It also allows us to evaluate the behavioural and competency requirements of a job thereby ensuring you select and develop the right people into the right positions.

The PDA speeds up recruitment processes, optimises candidate search times and finds the ideal talent. It helps meet your top potential, customise competencies and operates as a guide during their professional development. It also optimises individual productivity and organisational success by defining job positions. It boosts motivation and create spaces for continuous feedback with leaders.

Types of Reports

PDA Report:
A comprehensive behavioural report detailing the candidate’s leadership, sales and communication styles. This report provides detailed descriptions of the candidate’s natural behaviour style as well as behaviour modification in work and other contexts.

Natural competency style and fit to generic competencies are provided in this report as well. Detailed information regarding strengths and possible areas of
development (strengths that become overused) is given as well as information regarding environment factors that are required to keep the candidate engaged and motivated.

Job Fit Report:
Provides details of the candidate’s fit to a pre-determined (either system generated or customised) job profile. Details regarding the fit to the different competencies required for success in this job role are provided as well as overall percentage job fit. 

Group Job Fit Report:
Provides percentage fit of various candidates to a predetermined (either system generated or customised) job profile. Fit to more than one job profile can also be provided and average fit for each candidate to the group of job profiles used in the comparison is g.iven in percentage format.

Competency Report:
Provides a percentage match of a candidate (based on his/her natural behavioural style) to a set of system generated or customised competencies. The system contains generic, agile and entrepreneur competencies.

Group Competency Report:
Provides a percentage match of a group of candidates (based on his/her natural behavioural style) to a set of system generated or customised competencies. The system contains generic, agile and entrepreneur competencies.

Group Trends Report:
Provides the average behavioural trend of a group of candidates assessed on the 4 axes in the PDA and gives an average energy balance reading for the group. Details of the group spread in the four quadrants is also provided as well as the average range of behaviour modification occurring within the group.

Leadership Matching Report:
Provides details of two candidates, one of whom has been allocated into a leadership role and the other in a subordinate position and reporting into the managerial candidate. Details of the managerial candidate’s leadership and communication style are provided as well as the environmental factors needed to keep the subordinate candidate engaged and motivated. The natural behaviours of both candidates on the four axes assessed in the PDA are compared and how this style will manifest in the behaviour of the managerial candidate is indicated in the report.

PDA 360° Feedback:
Provides details of how a candidate rates him/herself on a set of pre-determined competencies based on a job profile (system generated or customised job profile) as well as how a group of candidates who work closely with the candidate rate his/her proficiency in these competencies. A comparison of self vs. the group trend is provided as well as giving an indication of where the candidate may need further development to be successful in the job role on which the competencies are set.

An online tool that was developed to complement and strengthen coaching processes with the information obtained through the PDA Report.

MyPDACoach allows coaches to accompany their coachees during their skills-development processes. MyPDACoach consists of five steps that are simple and intuitive for both the coach and the Coachee. 

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