DRG Rebuilding HR Foundations and TERS Support



Getting your business back to its optimum operating level … and beyond!

Rebooting for Sustainability starts with a focus on your “new business plan” and how your staff and teams will mobilise that plan.

We as HR Practitioners are ready and able to help business leaders implement their business strategies, helping to create productive, engaged, compliant and sustainable organisations. As we emerge from the COVID-19 Lockdown, and having had the opportunity to think about the future of our organisations, we as business leaders are likely to have concluded that our businesses are in a far more vulnerable position than we were before the Lockdown. We have also recognised that we need to ensure the sustainability of our organisations as a top priority, and as such have taken an objective and “business-minded” approach to the purpose and structure of our organisations. Relooking at our relationships and responsibilities to customers, our staff, our funders… and in fact to all parties that have a stake in the success of the business.

We have realized that we are in this unprecedented situation together, and that it will take a united approach to mobilizing the Economy. This, we are aware is a business leader’s responsibility and starts with us taking a critical look at our own business models to ensure that we are running efficient and effective operations.

Click below to view and download Agenda Items for our proposed ‘coffee discussion:
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