NLP Business practitioner Certification
NLP Business practitioner Certification

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The NLP Business:- Most problems are people problems!


Most problems are people problems
Think about it. Most of your problems are people problems! Most people engage in communication lack skills and awareness. Going from mistake to mistake ! It’s not your fault, because you don’t, know you don’t know!

Communication is an art and a science, mastered by only a selected few. All over the world Successful people are taking advantage of, the incredible communication secrets of NLP. The rest are losing out! Who do you want be?

NLP Business Practitioner Certification is a 3 Day event, happening in Durban from the 22nd to the 24th of May.  There are limited seats available because of the high demand. For more information go to
For more information go to


Chris Adlam
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The NLP Business:- Most problems are people problems!

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