BusinessFIT - Skills Development:BEE Priority Element
BusinessFIT - Skills Development:BEE Priority Element

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BusinessFIT - Skills Development:BEE Priority Element


Skills Development in the New BEE Codes is a priority element. Companies with a turnover of more than R10 mill a year will drop a level if they do not meet this elements subminimum target of 40%.

  • Compliance with the Skills Development Act which includes
  • SDL payment up to date,
  • Submission and approval of Workplace Skills Plan, Annual Training Report and PIVOTAL REPORT
  • Programs targeted at developing PRIORITY SKILLS to your SETA
  • Implementation of a PRIORIITY SKILLS programme
  • Learnership TRACKING TOOL to ensure the absorption of learners into the industry
  • Tracking expenditure on informal learning programmes
  • Noting that internal training cannot represent more than 15% of the total value of Skills Development expenditure
  • And that Skills Training targets are based on the demographic representation of black people as defined by the Employment Equity Act (African men and women, Indian men and women, Coloured men and women)
  • Our B.E.S.T. SERVICE provides an integrated Skills Development, Employment Equity and BEE Scorecard development solution - Through our in house B.E.S.T. Trax software program
  • We assist in helping you comply with related Legislation by introducing Best Practice
  • Our B.E.S.T Consultants are experienced in BEE and HR, and with our support team of Skills Development Facilitators we provide a comprehensive, fast and efficient service
  • We have linkages with professional training providers across the country assisting both in the co-ordination of learnerships as well as the priority skills roll out of a company.

If you would like to hear more, please contact Raoul Di Marco 031 767 0625 or at

BusinessFIT - Skills Development:BEE Priority Element

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