Zama Mngadi-Molefe - Wellness, Efficiency And Produtivity
Zama Mngadi-Molefe - Wellness, Efficiency And Produtivity

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Zama Mngadi-Molefe - Wellness, Efficiency And Produtivity


Zama Mngadi-Molefe, the managing director of Uvuyonothando Wellness and Consulting Services, a 100%
black woman owned company, has much expertise in dealing with the human capital challenges impacting on businesses.

A qualified social worker, Mngadi-Molefe has long had a passion for ensuring that people have better lives. She has had more than 16 years of experience in social work and has worked in the field as well as in a management capacity in a variety of non-governmental organisations in KwaZulu-Natal.

However, being an effective social worker means engaging with people directly and this cannot be done from an office.

Mngadi-Molefe said, “I can’t solve issues for people from a distance. I love to see people and to help them with their problems. People need to understand that a problem is not bigger than they are and that solutions are doable. However, this may mean a change of behaviour or attitude to cope with a situation.”

Consequently, Mngadi-Molefe decided to venture out of her comfort zone and established her own company in 2013, which was formalised in 2015.

The primary offering of Uvuyonothando Wellness and Consulting Services is the provision of tailored employee assistance programmes. To be successful, businesses require the input of healthy and motivated people who can balance work and family life and be efficient and productive.

The starting point for any wellness intervention is to assess employees to identify areas where assistance is required. The initial assessment is normally administered in the form of an employee base-line survey, which is undertaken on site.

Programmes are then designed in conjunction with the business to ensure an alignment with its organisational health and wellness strategies.

Following from these findings, one on one consulting to an employee may offered or a customised programme developed. A range of issues may be addressed such as:
  • Healthcare and illness
  • Financial or legal concerns
  • Family or parenting issues
  • Relationship issues
  • Substance abuse
  • Ongoing therapeutic support, grief counselling
  • Trauma debriefing or trauma management services
  • Crisis intervention
  • Psychosocial matters: Anxiety, stress, depression, emotional distress, mental health related or psychiatric issues.
  • Life skills: decision making, communication, problem solving, and straight thinking.
A typical one on one interaction may take place over six sessions, thereafter a report on the employee’s wellbeing would be prepared for management. When required, Uvuyonothando Wellness and Consulting Services works with a team of other health care workers, including doctors, nurses and psychologists and will refer employees for further care should the situation necessitate.

An executive wellness programme aimed at dealing with senior to executive management relating to issues in all spheres of their lives is also on offer.

Uvuyonothando Wellness and Consulting Services hosts corporate wellness days, which range from screening for chronic illnesses, such as blood pressure, cholesterol, glucose and HIV, to motivational talks. Training and facilitation of workshops, including team building, is also provided.

As a registered private social worker, Mngadi-Molefe also has a keen interest in working with children, which relates back to her early social working career at Cotlands in Hlabisa. She is at times referred cases by medical practitioners.

The company has undertaken work for a range of clients, including Scribante Labour Consultants, Unilever South Africa and Transnet (in affiliation with ICAS), eThekwini Metro (in affiliation with Careways) and Umshwati Local Municipality.

Scribante Labour Consultants was Mngadi-Molefe’s first client and the company has greatly assisted her in growing her business through its enterprise development funding. This sponsorship has also resulted in her participating in the BusinessFit entrepreneur programme, which she says has made a ‘big difference’ to the management of her business, as well as to her personal life.

Mngadi-Molefe’s aim is for private social workers to become more visible as service providers and for her services’ relevance to be more acknowledged. She says, “I would like to grow my company beyond South Africa and leave a legacy.” 

C: 076 856 4544

Zama Mngadi-Molefe - Wellness, Efficiency And Produtivity

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