Ladybird Landscapes - Incredible WWI Tribute In London Looks Like A River Of Blood… But Look Closer!


Poppy seeds found in Egyptian tombs are evidence that poppies have been gracing gardens for as long as 7 000 years. There are many varieties (about 120 species) of poppy, not all of which are actually ‘true’ poppies from the genus Papaver.

World War I, known at the time as the Great War, was thought to be the war that would end all future wars.  All sides suffered an incredibly high number of needless deaths and the war devastated an entire generation.  In fact, the sheer amount of destruction and death has only been eclipsed by World War II.

Since it ended, all countries involved have held memorials to remember their fallen dead who sacrificed their lives for the good of their country.  This fact is all the more so in England, where nearly a million people lost their lives.  What they've done to commemorate their fallen soldiers is truly beautiful, while also helping us understand the true scope of these soldiers' sacrifice.  Even a hundred years later, we should not forget their incredible acts of heroism.