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Three Peaks-Why the need to refresh the brand


Why the need to refresh the brand?

Three Peaks, having challenged itself to put the customer at the heart of its business, coupled with its drive to remain an innovative forefront leader in its fields, decided to embark on a survey to establish how consumers identified with our brand.

As a result of the survey it was determined we refresh our brand to remain innovative, competitive and visible in the service industry we operate in.

The new logos are simpler, modern, crisp and uncluttered and the ideal visual representation of our products and services.

However this is more than just a refreshed visual representation of the brand, it differentiates our offering and value to you, our clients and partners.

Three Peaks is determined to claim its market leader status with confidence and stature. The revised logos exploit the fact that it is instantly recognized nationally, and growing relationships within Namibia & Swaziland.

Our Vision:
We aim to be the most respected and trusted leader in:

To offer a personalised customer-focused service, delivered with integrity and innovation, tailored to our client's specific needs.

Our Mission:
To provide a personalised service with expertise in cash flow management solutions, through our innovative debit order processing, credit payment and debtor management, for SMME markets.
And to provide customised short term insurance solutions for domestic and commercial markets with expertise and innovation, tailored to individual needs.

At Three Peaks we achieve our mission with:

  • Efficient, reliable service and delivery
  • Empathy for our clients
  • Accessibility through a personal and professional service
  • Customised, innovative products specific to individual client needs
  • Reflecting company culture through living our core values
  • Growing our people through continuous knowledge sharing and development

Our Core Company Values:

  • Integrity
  • Reliability
  • Innovative
  • Empathy
  • Commitment

Three Peaks-Why the need to refresh the brand

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