Ewe Sana - How To Make B-BBEE Work For You
Ewe Sana - How To Make B-BBEE Work For You

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Ewe Sana - How To Make B-BBEE Work For You


Bruce Lennon Bio

"A person who's at the forefront of B-BBEE with a background in Law is perhaps the minimum you'd expect from your BEE expert. Mr. Bruce Lennon not only has comprehensive knowledge of B-BBEE, but he has a Masters in Law, and he also happens to be very astute with numbers. This makes Bruce the ideal consultant to ensure that you get great results along with the best bang for your buck in terms of your B-BBEE requirements.

Bruce has a special ability to apply legal and B-BBEE skills and knowledge to implement positive and cost effective solutions for companies and clients. His company, Stimela Consulting (PTY) Ltd is based in Kloof and was founded in 1999. The company services over 200 Clients throughout South Africa - with clients ranging from Exempted Micro Enterprises to Multinational Corporate Companies operating in all spheres of business.

Bruce's ability to simplify what others think is gruelling BEE Legislation whilst providing you and your business with workable solutions to afford your company a road map to cruise the uncertain and unfamiliar terrain of the B-BBEE codes of good practice, is what sets him and his company apart.

Stimela Consulting simplify BEE, its requirements and the implications for your business thereby providing you with workable options for your business to be compliant and to continue benefiting from positive business relationships with your existing clients.

Bruce was educated at Hilton College before he embarked on his tertiary education studies in Law. He was later involved in lecturing law students through his lecturing at the University of Natal where he was a senior lecturer.

Bruce is married and has 4 Children (3 of whom are currently studying at University and 1 of whom has graduated).

Bruce has worked for the global Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) where he eventually became the National General Manager of its South African operations.

He is currently a Director of Business Fit along with his responsibilities at Stimela Consulting."

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Ewe Sana - How To Make B-BBEE Work For You

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