Adrian Padt - Improving the quality of life
Adrian Padt - Improving the quality of life

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Adrian Padt - Improving the quality of life


Rocket Works (Pty) Ltd are proud to present a product, which not only helps both people and the environment, but also reaches out to the needs of the outdoor, adventure loving consumer.

The highly efficient and cleverly designed Zama Zama stove, accommodates multiple fuels when required and appeals to a wide variety of markets on a wholesale and retail level.

Manufactured using a high quality, heat resistant stainless steel with the addition of a powder coated wire cage around the heat shield, the stove remains completely cool to the touch, making it one of the safest designs available. This stove can boil five litres of water in 15 minutes using as little as 250g of wood, which is significantly less than traditional cooking methods. The stove’s emissions are the best in its class, saving 65% of fuel and offsetting four tons of CO2 annually over traditional cooking methods.

This project serves as a great example of how private businesses and non-profit organisations can partner to make real and lasting impacts around the world. Whether you’re braaing at home, cooking a ‘potjie’, or if you’re an NGO or health organisation supplying emergency support to the rural poor, the Zama Zama stove is an asset. The stove makes a great corporate social responsibility product for employees as it is great for the environment and improves the quality of life for all that use it. 

Contact: Adrian Padt (031) 466 6909
Mobile (082) 469 3186

Adrian Padt - Improving the quality of life

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