Farzanah Mall - KPMG 2017 Higher Education Conference : Seizing Opportunities And Raising Universities
Farzanah Mall - KPMG 2017 Higher Education Conference : Seizing Opportunities And Raising Universities

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Farzanah Mall - KPMG 2017 Higher Education Conference : Seizing Opportunities And Raising Universities


27 March 2017 marked the third successful KPMG Higher Education Conference which took place at the Table Bay Hotel in Cape Town in partnership with the Forum for Audit, Risk and Forensics, a sub-committee of Universities South Africa. The conference was attended by key leaders in Higher Education and the speakers included KPMG and industry experts who are akin to the unique challenges facing the Sector. The guest list included Prof Adam Habib, the Vice Chancellor of the University of Witwatersrand who gave a powerful key note address to more than 120 delegates with representation from over 23 institutions in the country. His address focussed on the challenges and solutions for the Higher Education sector, particularly the need for Universities to diversify and specialise their offerings. “With the multiplicity of demands and to ensure workplace placements it is important for universities to differentiate themselves and create next generation leaders and experts in their field. Ensuring that Universities are accessible to all qualifying entrants was key as well as addressing the transformational mandate. There is a need for thoughtful debate, innovation and political will to find tangible and implementable solutions.”

Other key speakers included Nita Lawton-Misra the Registrar of the University of the Western Cape who covered the response plan to campus lock-out, Prof Leopoldt van Huyssteen the COO of University of Stellenbosch and Christie Viljoen, KPMG’s Senior Economist who shared the challenges to free tertiary education in SA. Our research found that the country’s GDP per capita in US Dollars is ($5 844) an indicator of the relative wealth of a countries citizens â€" is only a fifth of the average ($30 805) recorded in the 13 countries reflected below. In contrast, government spending on education as a percentage of total spending is 19.1% in SA compared to the 13 other countries (13.8%) providing free or almost free education. This brings into question the quality of the education system and the efficiency of expenditure.

“At KPMG, we understand that radical and key changes are required in the Higher Education business model to increase access to a broader range of students, and to create an environment where the students focus is on innovation, enhancing knowledge, capitalising on technology, leading practices, differentiated thinking and being pioneers and leaders in their fields, not disruption or destruction. It is our duty as leaders to collectively provide environments where students can flourish. The conference gives us an opportunity to explore new ideas and thinking and challenge the current status quo,” said Farzanah Mall, KPMG Director and moderator of the afternoon’s panel discussion which challenged the CFO’s and Audit Commitee members of Universities on financial sustainability, resource modelling, governance and structural set up.

KPMG, through its team of local and international Higher Education experts, is committed to supporting the sector to address the myriad of internal and external factors impeding the success of the country’s educational institutions.

Granville Smith, Director: KPMG and National Head of Higher Education, urges all role players to take note of Martin Luther King’s quote, “the function of Education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character â€" that is the goal of true education”.

As Governance Advisors, it is now of paramount importance that we do our bit to help improve this “production plant” of our economy â€" whether it be collating and bringing together the ideas and solutions which are often never heard, or strategically aligning mandates to results.

RaneshSivnarain, Head of Forensics UKZN says, “whilst Universities have experienced unprecedented challenges, these challenges have also created opportunities. We must accept and adapt to the fact that it is no longer business as usual. One of the ways is to eradicate wasteful expenditure and tighten controls to prevent fraud and collusion”.

Emanating from KPMG’s commitment is the KPMG 2017 Higher Education publication https://www.sablog.kpmg.co.za/2017/03/signals-change-high-er-education-internal-audit/. Readers will be exposed to a wealth of content addressing the education challenges. The publication is thought provoking and provides new ideas and thinking on Education.

Farzanah Mall
E: farzanah.mall@kpmg.co.za
T: +27 31 327 6000

Farzanah Mall - KPMG 2017 Higher Education Conference : Seizing Opportunities And Raising Universities

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