SLG going green post Covid-19
SLG going green post Covid-19. Images of New Delhi, India on Oct. 28, 2019, left, and April 20, 2020. India's air quality improved drastically during a nationwide lockdown to curb the coronavirus. AP Photo/Manish Swarup

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SLG going green post Covid-19


Pollution and greenhouse gas emissions have fallen considerably as governments across the world try to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Quarantine, the closure of international borders, and a reduced need for transport, have drastically altered energy demand patterns, providing a picture of what a world with reduced air pollution might look like.

In April 2020, daily global carbon emissions fell by 17% compared with average levels last year. Emissions of this level were last observed 14 years ago. A reduction in ground surface transport accounted for 43% of this figure, with emissions from industry and power generation also accounting for 43%. Interestingly, although the aviation industry has been most impacted by the global lockdown, it only accounts for 3% of global emissions. Unfortunately, with the return of economic activity, the reduction is unlikely to last. While unprecedented, its contribution to combatting global warming has been relatively small.

In South Africa, daily CO2 emissions plunged by 22.4%. However, with the relaxation of lockdown levels, this is set to be the maximum decrease. Data collected in 2017 shows that the country is the world's 14th largest emitter of fossilfuel CO2  emissions and the largest emitter on the African continent. The country's domestic economy is powered by coal, which accounts for approximately more than 80% of emissions.

It is of the utmost importance that South Africa changes to lower emissions fuel for the sake of the environment and its sustainability. Compressed Natural and Methane Rich Gas boast lower emissions than coal, diesel, HFO, paraffin and LPG. Not only do they thereby benefit the environment, they save significant costs on fuel storage/transportation and reduce the costs associated with the newly promulgated Carbon Tax for fuel combustion.

SLG, which is the country's largest supplier of compressed natural gas, also facilitates technical feasibility studies, regulatory licenses, risk assessments, installations, commissioning and post-installation technical and safety training as value added services.

Reference Source: Living - Earth Day 2020: Startling photos show pollution before and after the coronavirus lockdown. - By Hannah Sparks

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SLG going green post Covid-19

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