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Regional Agricultural Hub


Amajuba Regional Agricultural Hub
Brief Description
The project is a partnership between the Newcastle Municipality, Amajuba District Municipality and the Private sector.
 The proposed Regional Agri-Hub would centrally locate a multi-modal logistics platform within Newcastle, allowing for efficient transport linkages to the ports of Durban, Richards Bay and the proposed DUbe Trade Port. The site is ideally located halfway between Durban Container Terminal and City Deep in terms of the main logistic route between these two nodes expands the use of rail in port distribution, reducing the reliance on trucks. The existing marshalling yard is available as development site. The hub will increase warehousing capabilities and improves hinterland operations by incorporating truck-stop facilities, container cranes and gantries, terminal stacking and rail.  . The project has been designed with 100% BEE involvement. Formal discussions with Dube Trade Port Company and Spoornet have commenced.
Project Opportunities
Logistic Companies
Cold Storage
Container Storage
Vendorised Transport Systems
Product Packaging
Manufacturing of Packaging Products
Detail of feasibility undertaken
Underway by Spoornet and National Dept. Transport
Formal costing underway by Spoornet and National Dept. of Transport
Local Champions
Newcastle Local Municipality
Anesh Thulasee
Amajuba District Municipality
Newcastle Local Municipality
Anesh Thulasee - 034 3287611
Ferdie Alberts - 034 3287628

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Regional Agricultural Hub

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