Dube Aerotropolis
Dube Aerotropolis

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Dube Aerotropolis


Dube Aerotropolis The Dube Aerotropolis, which refers to a city region around an airport, is a collaboration between Tongaat Hulett, the Dube Tradeport Company (an agency of the Provincial Department of Economic Development and Tourism) and eThekwini, kwaDukuza and iLembe local authorities. King Shaka International Airport’s launch in May 2010 heralded in a new era in connectivity and development, as well as the creation of a new generation airport city. A unique opportunity exists to plan and develop an integrated, multi-modal hub from scratch, with each component designed for synergy and growth. It is estimated that the total investment in the aerotropolis will run to hundreds of billions of Rand and the resulting socio- economic impacts will be immense.  

The Dube Aerotropolis extends across three major municipalities and hence requires a provincial and regional perspective and understanding. The impacts of such an initiative are furthermore of regional, provincial and national significance. Land development will maximize connectivity to the Dube Tradeport, airport and other transport corridors. The development will address environmental issues and ensure sustainability on a macro and micro scale through managed, ongoing initiatives, in which the investors and partners will have an opportunity to be involved.

These initiatives include the rehabilitation of approximately 4 000 hectares (9 884 acres) of forests and wetlands within the aerotropolis region. The objectives are to: ·       
Maximise returns to the airport, its users, businesses, and the broader community which it serves.    
Facilitation of trade and economic development in the province.     
Airport to become centre of an economic node.   
Facilitation of airport functions and amenities as well as industrial / warehousing / business requirements. 
Install development generating factors from the start ·        
Seamless, integrated use of land ·        
Create a bulk infrastructure framework for regional development ·        
Provide transport linkages at all levels - labour, businesses, residents, freight and travel ·        
Provide a combination of lease-hold and freehold land tenure to promote investment (security of tenure assured - drive for urban investment supported and upheld by Government) www.dubetradeport.co.za/aerotropolis

Dube Aerotropolis

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