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KZN Premier's Office receives top public sector award



The KZN Premier's Office has been recognised by the Southern African Institute of Government Auditors (SAIGA) for the excellent delivery of its 2007 Annual Report. Of all national and provincial government departments in South Africa, the KwaZulu-Natal Office of the Premier scored 92.25% against the overall average score of 86.34%.

Seven years ago, SAIGA introduced the  as an important way for the public sector to recognise the pursuit of excellence in annual reports published by provincial and national government departments. 

A better life for all

Speaking of the aware, KZN Premier Ndebele said: 'This award by SAIGA has added to the achievements of the KwaZulu-Natal Office of the Premier since 2004. We are extremely proud to have been chosen as the winner of this prestigious award, especially due to the strict criteria involved and the fact that all national and provincial government departments in South Africa are adjudicated. This award is a validation of our pursuit of excellence at the Office of the Premier.'

While ecstatic at the recognition of excellence, Ndebele continued, 'However, it is my belief that the most important award we can receive is when we truly achieve, A BETTER LIFE FOR ALL,' reiterating the mantra adopted by all government departments in the province.

Transparency and visibility

SAIGA Executive President Dieter Gloeck highlighted the fact that due to the performance information and other factual disclosures, the annual reports of government departments contained a wealth of information not only about the financial results but, more importantly, about the activities and the performance of the departments. In this regard government departments' reports generally provide more information than the annual financial statements of listed companies. The full effect of the Public Finance Management Act's (PFMA) objective, regarding transparency and performance management, is becoming visible.

Contact: Logan Maistry, Premier's spokesperson
Tel: +27 33 341 3342

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KZN Premier's Office receives top public sector award

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