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Eyethu offers eight Zulu newspapers to KZN


13 Oct 2011 10:2

Capital Newspapers, a JV between Capital Media Group and Caxton CTP, has launched and rebranded eight local newspapers in KwaZulu-Natal. Published in Zulu, under the Eyethu brand, 245 000 weekly copies will offer an estimated readership of at least 1.4 million per week.

Aimed at the emerging middle class market in KwaZulu-Natal, the papers are Eyethu Edendale (Pietermaritzburg and surrounds); Eyethu Ugu (South Coast); Eyethu Intshonalanga (Westville and surrounds); Eyethu Amajuba (Newcastle and surrounds); Eyethu Uthukela (Ladysmith and surrounds); Eyethu Umlazi and Eyethu Ilembe (North Coast).

"The community newspaper model is a highly successful and formidable one. Capital Newspapers have grabbed the opportunity to roll out several papers and extend this powerful formula into the province's key Zulu speaking areas," says Brian Letsogo from NAB, the company representing the Eyethu package on a national level.

"The province is South Africa's second biggest contributor to national GDP after Gauteng, so it was an obvious choice for Capital Newspapers to target this market and in a language they're familiar with and trust," he continues.

"It is ours"

"'Eyethu' in Nguni means 'it is ours' and epitomises the belief behind the editorial philosophy - keeping the newspapers locally relevant and part of the reader's community," says Letsogo.

The only reasonable growth from daily and weekend newspapers has come from KwaZulu-Natal in recent years, while community newspapers have shown continuous growth across all provinces. Reportedly, the Eyethu brands combined will distribute over double the copies being sold on a daily and weekly basis by other newspapers serving this market.

Letsogo believes that there are benefits for advertisers, as retailers, local businesses, service providers and local government will be able to engage their specific catchment area in one selected paper, or all eight simultaneously if they choose to.

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Eyethu offers eight Zulu newspapers to KZN

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