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eLan Property - Mauritius Is Within South African's Reach


Investing outside the country is not necessarily an all-ornothing decision - especially if you are considering Mauritius as a destination.

Regular flights lasting just a few hours connect the island to South Africa’s major cities, leading an increasing number of South Africans to take advantage of the island’s business-friendly approach. The government’s proactive, clearly articulated policy towards foreign investment is attracting global interest.

“We have local investors who are curious about what Mauritius can offer,” says eLan Property Group CEO, Mark Taylor. “Each person’s story is different and they are searching for answers to questions specific to their situation.”

“We have assisted people who are looking at retiring on the island; or deciding whether it is worth sending their children to study; or to invest in a holiday home; or they are considering purchasing a buy-to-let as an income-generating offshore investment. Others are keen to expand their businesses in Mauritius, start up a new business, or use the island as a tax-friendly head office,” says Taylor.

The eLan Property Group has built up a considerable network of contacts and a body of knowledge about the island over many years of doing business in Mauritius. They have tapped into their expert network to invite interested investors on Investment Roadshows where they can learn more about living, retiring, working and investing in Mauritius for themselves.

Buying property is just one aspect of what Mauritius has to offer. “Property is just generally part of a bigger picture for investors. They want to know more â€" about residency and how it’s obtained, starting a business or a branch, retiring on the island, opening a bank account,” says eLan Property Group Development Director, Andrew Thompson. The cornerstone of financial security lies in property ownership.

“The property market in Mauritius has opened up,” enthuses Thompson. “Foreigners could previously buy property in Mauritius based on the Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS), Real Estate Scheme (RES) and Property Development Schemes (PDS). Towards the end of 2016, amendments to the Non-Citizen’s (Property Restriction) Act made it possible for foreign investors to buy apartments outside of these schemes but specifically into Smart City Concepts. This has made a whole range of new opportunities available.”

“Feedback from our first roadshow was overwhelmingly positive,” says Thompson who concluded a second successful roadshow last month. “We include eLan’s proposed development areas in the site visits and itinerary but expose delegates to a very wide range of options, including ENL’s Moka Smart City, Uniciti by Medine, and Mon Tresor by Omnicane.”

Site visits, presentations and one-on-one time with experts gives delegates the opportunity to ask their questions and get an indepth, personal understanding.

Having done the research and legwork ourselves, delegates benefit by gaining “access to info that would have taken months to find”. Political and economic stability, personal security and favourable property investment schemes for non-citizens are particularly attractive to South African investors.

“We are in the planning phase of three developments on the island,” says Thompson, “each with a distinctive character and appeal. Sites are centrally located at Moka, at the beach in the south at Mon Tresor, and at the highly accessible Uniciti, a popular growth node near Flic-en-Flac.”

Our roadshows also capture the abundant social life on the island, so a visit to The Beach House or Banana Bar and an outing on a yacht, snorkel and dolphin encounter are all part of the itinerary. 

Visit our website at if you are interested in our next roadshow, or to find out more about eLan’s developments on the island.

eLan Property - Mauritius Is Within South African's Reach

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