Leonard Hlangabeza - Nyathi Arts Creations
Leonard Hlangabeza - Nyathi Arts Creations

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Leonard Hlangabeza - Nyathi Arts Creations


Leonard Hlangabeza is the chief executive officer of Nyathi Arts Creations, which was founded in 2010.

Hlangabeza is passionate about working with clay and enjoys creating beautiful and functional ceramic objects.

Hlangabeza says that he loves throwing clay and is very happy creating with ‘dirty’ hands. He produces ceramic pots, cups, vases, plates and platters, amongst other items. In addition to the readymade range of
ceramics, bespoke items are made for clients.

Establishing his ceramic business has not been without its challenges. These include not having a suitable place to work, which has made showcasing his products difficult, as well as not always having sufficient orders.

Hlangabeza dream is to open an art school where ceramic artists can be taught. He says, “Training people is in my heart. Acquiring skills such as in ceramics is very important. Even if you do not have a formal education there are opportunities for employment.”

One of the highlights of his working life has been in teaching â€" as a volunteer â€" in a special needs school.

Participating in the JCCI SME Export Incubator, among other benefits, will allow Hlangabeza to showcase his ceramic range more effectively. He hopes that the location at the JCCI will also facilitate the growth of his business as well as ensure that he can participate in the export market.

Leonard Hlangabeza
C: 083 951 9713

Leonard Hlangabeza - Nyathi Arts Creations

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