Nkoketse Mametse - Lust Be Original
Nkoketse Mametse - Lust Be Original

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Nkoketse Mametse - Lust Be Original


Nkoketse Mametse founded Lust Be Original in 2009 as a 100% black owned company. Originally a clothing brand, Mametse decided that he needed to do something different and established himself primarily as a leather specialist with the dream of making shoes.

Mametse said that his interest started when a tear in one of his last pair of shoes, a gift from his girlfriend, prompted him to learn how to make shoes. Initially, he struggled to find someone to teach him the skills needed to master his craft but slowly built the required knowledge. He said, “Poverty is a great motivator.”

The growth of his business has not been without challenges and his first office was in his bedroom â€" which was cluttered with all the necessary equipment, material and products â€" including dust.

Lust Be Original’s core interests lie in developing hand crafted leather shoes â€" sneakers, formal shoes, and pumps but will make leather handbags, belts and small accessories, such as wallets on request.

The brand prides itself in making custom made items that are specific to its clients’ needs and wants. Mametse said, “It is rare that you find shoes in a shop that you are 100% happy with.” An example of this would be in asking clients to choose the colours and thread they want on the given item. Items can be personalised with initials if requested. His emphasis on quality is evident and he says it takes time to hand craft a pair of shoes.

In addition, Mametse’s mission is to ensure that his shoes not only look good but are also comfortable and well fitting. Where necessary, he will send his clients to an orthotist to ensure that the shoes fit their feet correctly.

Mametse is an enthusiastic participant in the JCCI Export Incubator programme, which he believes has already assisted his business enormously. One aspect that he highlighted was that of developing a business strategy where he could identify his plans. Mametse is also keen to participate in the export market, as he believes that this exposure will take his brand to new heights.

Mametse concluded, “People need to support local brands, because a product has an international label, does not make it a better quality.” 

C: 082 674 8816

Nkoketse Mametse - Lust Be Original

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