Johannesburg Roads Agency - The War On Potholes
Johannesburg Roads Agency - The War On Potholes

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Johannesburg Roads Agency - The War On Potholes


Johannesburg Roads Agency (JRA) continues to fight its war on potholes and has to date repaired 44 350 potholes across the City since the beginning of the 2017/2018 financial year. 

At present, the City is faced with R11.8 billion backlog required for the upgrading of the city’s 13 599 km road network, of which R7.1 billion is required for repairs to surfaced roads and R4.7 billion towards upgrading of gravel roads to tar. 

 Transport MMC, Nonhlanhla Makhuba said, “City-wide JRA is faced with an R81.5 billion 10-year backlog to address the city’s aging road infrastructure. R11.8 billion for roads, R2 billion for sidewalks, R6.5 billion for bridges and R61.2 billion for dams, catchments and stormwater systems. Based on the 2017 JRA roads conditions study, we are faced with a 25% increase in the deterioration of the road network condition, from 89% to 64%. The excessive damage to our road network has resulted in a rise in pothole reports and increased safety concerns.” 

Potholes are surface failures which extend into the base layer of the road forming a hole. Over prolonged periods, in wet conditions potholes generally develop into major structural failures creating increased risks to road users.

What are we doing?
JRA continues to prioritise pothole repairs with R88 million allocated towards fast tracking repairs, and priority roads scheduled for upgrades. Since July 2017, a total of 520 km of roads have been resurfaced, 32.26 km upgraded from gravel roads to surfaced roads and a total of 0.3 km of open stormwater drains have been converted to underground systems.

Since the launch of the Executive Mayor’s War on Potholes to improve residents experience, service delivery and motorist safety, JRA repaired 117 483 potholes as at July 2017. This has resulted in a 22% more pothole repairs undertaken as compared to the 2016/2017 financial year.

JRA aims to improve turnaround time by working with communities to increase uptake of JRA’s Find & Fix app to log road service related requests. Proactive citizenry will enable swift service delivery.

In an effort to enhance service delivery, JRA is in the process of completing the installation of its R53 million asphalt plant. The new plant will improve efficiency, production of hot and cold tar mix through improved environmentally friendly processes. The plant will increase capacity to JRA’s Road Surfacing Depot and seven regional depots with the supply of asphalt for pothole repairs and road surfacing.

 As part of R1 213 million JRA 2017/2018 budget, R240 million has been allocated towards resurfacing and reconstruction. The allocation is split with R140 million for resurfacing and R100 million for reconstruction. A further R295 million has been allocated towards the upgrading of gravel roads.

Johannesburg’s R13 599km Road Network
At present, 32% of surfaced roads which make up 3 968km requires reconstruction;
  • 45% of surfaced roads which make up 5581km is in very good and good condition may require ad hoc maintenance
  • 23% of surfaced roads which make up 2 852km require resurfacing
  • Of the 1168.53km of gravel roads, 72% require reshaping and re-gravelling

Johannesburg Roads Agency - The War On Potholes

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