Mike Saunders’ exciting new book, HumanCentric


I had coffee with Mike Saunders last week on the last day before lockdown. The interview with Mike could not have been more timely.
I was going to wait until tomorrow to send this email but I was motivated to send it out today.

We are all in lockdown and this give us good quality time to relook at the way we do things, and I believe things will possibly never be quite the same again. The book "HumanCentric" has much relevance and post lockdown will continue to do so as we embrace the benefits of digitalisation.

Lockdown is a brilliant time to be mindful about our businesses going forward. Watch the interview and download this book. Its a game changer.
Click here to view the Coffee with Grant interview with Mike Saunders

Thank a million
"The heart of Mike Saunders’ exciting new book, HumanCentric, is how to build a successful business in the Fourth Industrial Revolution while focusing on human stakeholders.
Never before have we had so much information so readily available at our fingertips and there is no doubt that acceleration of innovation and the velocity of disruption underpinning the Fourth Industrial Revolution are having a major impact on businesses. Is it realistic to be at the forefront of these disruptive forces? Is it even necessary? It most certainly is.
Knowledge of these disruptive forces – notably mobile, social, the Internet of Things, data and blockchain – equips us to build our businesses in the change that is enveloping us, but we need a framework to help us understand how to operate in a new revolution, how to organise the chaos into success."
Download your copy of HumanCentric,