Nomfundo Mcoyi - Having the vision to operate effectively and productively


Nomfundo Mcoyi is the founder and CEO of the Icebolethu Group. Nomfundo started with nothing, but she had a big dream, she knew that she wanted to own a big funeral company. Giving up her teaching job and a regular salary, she started Icebolethu with no loan, no car and no mortuary. After only 10 years, with 85 offices, 1000 employees, 20 mortuaries and an annual turnover in excess of R250 million, Nomfundo has grown her business into one of the major companies in her industry.

She sees her role as making sure that her companies run smoothly, are well managed, and looking after her team.

“Being a woman has never held me back. I don’t apply gender to business, you must just be excellent at what you do. Focus on your goals and your vision and don’t take shortcuts, they’re not the answer. Work hard, be professional and do things the right way, and for the right reasons. Just be excellent; that’s the key.”