What Is BusinessFIT?

BusinessFit is an established Enterprise and Supplier Development Beneficiary; providing business support services to entrepreneurs and developing businesses. As such, the company is well positioned to help you invest your enterprise and supplier development spend wisely, and in so doing, you are able to:
  • Optimise your B-BBEE rating, an essential ingredient in ensuring enterprise sustainability, as an indicator of corporate governance best practice
  • Secure the sustainability and growth of your suppliers, and/or any business not in your supply chain but which you choose to support
  • Contribute to the broader South African economy
Who is BusinessFit?
BusinessFit is a formally constituted Black female owned enterprise comprising a team of experienced business owners. These business owners have grouped together to pool their respective skills and knowledge, with the common objective of helping support the growth and development of small and medium businesses. The team has done this because they know that South Africa’s economic future depends upon a vibrant and ever-growing small and medium business sector.

An important principle for BusinessFit is to help an entrepreneur understand that his/her business idea is not in itself a business. What is critical is supporting their “Business idea” with a sound business foundation, from which their business can become a sustainable and growing quality producer of products or services to its customers. The business should have the capacity to create employment and staff development growth opportunities, while providing an acceptable return to the shareholders.

BusinessFit’s passion is to grow entrepreneurs and their businesses, and to encourage a culture of continuous improvement in the delivery of core competencies, client relationships and therefore, the provision of job opportunities. The company’s contribution, as such, is to bring emerging businesses into a circle of expertise, assess their current systems, structures, and goals, and set in motion necessary leadership and best practice support procedures to encourage the businesses’ development and growth.

How do they do this?
In line with the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice, BusinessFit will:
  • Confirm that intended beneficiaries meet the definition of “Black Owned” as per the B-BBEE Act
  • Assist such beneficiaries in expanding their businesses through interactive workshops, coaching and mentorship from industry experts
  • Introduce best practice to help beneficiaries meet trading, governance and compliance responsibilities
  • Promote sustainability of beneficiaries’ businesses through a structured plan of Discover, Develop and Deliver
  • Work within the client’s supply chain and enterprise development networks to help them improve the suppliers’ productivity, sustainability and service quality
  • Support the overall development of entrepreneurs and their businesses
As has been the case with many developing economies, the responsibility of our South African business environment's growth and sustainability lies increasingly in the hands of entrepreneurs and small business. Through innovation and commitment to supporting a better world for all, entrepreneurs help to grow the economy, and most importantly help to create sustainable employment opportunities.

Service Methodology
BusinessFit promotes and encourages sustainability through a structured plan. The structured plan focuses on helping to improve a beneficiary's current situation through the three-step process of Discover, Develop, and Deliver!

Based on the experience the BusinessFit team has gained within a diversity of business services, they are confident in their ability to help small and medium size business owners quickly and efficiently meet compliance responsibilities, and to introduce best practice in their businesses. BusinessFit's mission is to help entrepreneurs and developing businesses, gain confidence and clarity, and to plot a sustainable growth curve for their companies.

Outcomes of the Process
The tangible goals which BusinessFit aims to achieve with these enterprises are to:
  • Increase the business's turnover
  • Increase profitability of the business operation
  • Improve industry best practice
  • Achieve better business compliance status
  • Grant access to broader and greater market opportunities and,
  • Importantly to create new jobs in the economy
BusinessFit understands that entrepreneurs often juggle a few balls in the air. It is with this in mind that the accomplished BusinessFit network exists. No matter what obstacles a business may face, BusinessFit's network of industry experts will work with the entrepreneur to ease the burden and accomplish sustainable results. This solution not only closes any gaps within a business, but also leads to continuous development and learning for the entrepreneur.

BusinessFit Partners

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Contact Details

BusinessFIT Logo

BusinessFIT Chairman: David White, CEO: Akhona Mahlati and Director: Bruce Lennon

Full Name of Association: BusinessFit
Nature of Business: Practical support for established entrepreneurs
Date Established: 2012
No. of Staff: 80
B-BBEE Status Level: 2

CEO: Akhona Mahlati
Chairman: David White
Director: Bruce Lennon
Administration Manager: Lindiwe Bhadi

Physical Address: Unit 12 Braehead Office Park, 1 Old Main Road, Kloof, 3610
Tel: +27 (0)31 767 0625 Fax: +27 (0)31 767 3280



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